Exclusive preview of interview with Rick Rule – GoldCore News

What do:

  1. Ron Paul
  2. Mike Tyson 
  3. A fart in an elevator 
  4. President Paul Kagame of Rwanda

…have in common?

They are all featured in this week’s The M3 Report, your show for all things Metals, Markets and Money. This is our sixth episode of the hit show. Subscribe now, to be sure not to miss it. 

We bring you great content every week on GoldCore.com and if you enjoy that then you will be sure to love our flagship show The M3 Report.

This week we bring you insight and commentary from the GoldCore team on the disaster that is UK financial policy. And stick around for a clip from our exclusive interview with investing and banking legend Rick Rule, as well as gold and silver chat with Ed Steer.

Listen out for Rick Rule’s Hire! Fire! And Admire! …as well as Ed’s thoughts on movements in physical gold between central banks.

In short, tune in to episode six of The M3 Report – Metals, Markets and Money.

A must-watch for anyone looking to gain insights to help them better manage their savings and investments.

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Stephen Flood is the CEO of GoldCore. He is a former Wall Street equity trader and FinTech expert. He has been involved in the precious metals markets since 2004 and has appeared as an expert contributor on CNBC, CNN, BBC, RTE & Bloomberg TV and has had articles published in the Irish Times, Irish Independent and The Sunday Business Post.

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