EVERYBODY Is Now SO SURE Of The “Fed Pivot” Sooner Than Later And An IMMEDIATE Gold & Silver SKYROCKET

BOOM, BOOM, BOOM, da Echo Chamba’s BOOMIN’!

(by Half Dollar) Groupthink is really something, isn’t it?

Regardless, to believe in the “Fed Pivot” is to believe that US dollar hyperinflation is the end game.

Of course, I have proven time and time again and ten ways from Saturday that the US dollar has already hyperinflated, so there’s no sense in beating a dead horse, for it’s baked into the cake, but what about the so-called “Fed Pivot”?

SPOILER ALERT: The “Fed Pivot” is an euphemism, kind of like “The Great Reset” has been called an euphemism.

Now, disregarding the fact that I said the Fed Pivot will be a “sell the rumor, sell the news” event in the gold & silver “market”, there may be a few things that Gamblers in the Rigged Casino are not considering to further drive my point home.

First: What happens when everybody is so sure of something?

There’s a reason I say that most people are wrong most of the time, you know.

Second: If inflation is outpacing the rate “hikes”, is that not a Fed Pivot in and of itself?

In other words, if inflation is understated by way of official and non-official policies mixed with overt and covert operations and tactics, then hasn’t the Fed already pivoted?

Third: Are market forces no longer a thing?

And by “market forces”, I’m not talking about the “free market”, but rather, a small group of people, formally called the “Exchange Stabilization Fund”, manipulating the market.

Or do the interventions in the gold & silver market just stop because the Fed has pivoted and, oh, geez, the market riggers just can’t seem to get a grasp on gold & silver anymore?

There are more points that can be made, such as the influence of lies & propaganda on the collective brainwashed stupidity of the masses, but I think I’ll just stop right there for today.

Besides, everybody knows ‘Ol Half Dollar’s call:

And I’m a Silverbug.

Go figure.

Starve the Beast…

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