Engineered Food Shortage Spreads Worldwide! Food Stocks Became Depleted: Farmers’ Fight For Survival

The world does not have enough food to feed all the people in the coming months…

by Financial Argument via Financial Argument

The latest news about food shortages, or in other words, the planned global food crisis, forces us to experience more disastrous days in the second half of 2022 with record food prices and empty supermarket shelves.

After what I’m going to talk about in today’s updates about the food shortage, you’ll understand that while you are experiencing light effects of the food shortage in the shops near you, the control plan mercilessly accelerates all of its stages in the background.

Many people mistakenly think that this is just a temporary inflationary period. They say “There is no food shortage. There is no food shortage.” But there is!

These people are also wrong when they think that everyone has access to the same items they did before the food crisis hit their doorstep. It is quite obvious today that the food crisis in the United States and the world has become global, and it is not only affecting the low-income members of society.

So let’s look at the situation of food banks first. What you will see is that many people are starting to get help at the food bank for the first time in their lives, and what’s worse is that even those who were donors in previous years are now lining up.

In the second part of the video, I will try to explain which foods are accelerating shortages.

Many people are so sure that everything will be alright. They are unaware that the world has no food left. Yes, I repeat, the world does not have enough food to feed all the people for the coming months. They are unaware that many of the things that are consumed now were produced in the past.

Please, continue to prepare while you still have the chance. Do research on long-term stockpiling, and learn survival skills. Even if you have a small garden, plant something and start growing your own food.


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