Energy RATIONS In The USA! As Economy Collapses, Energy Bills Are SKYROCKETING!

A warning for this winter…

by Josh Sigurdson via World Alternative Media

Josh Sigurdson reports on the coming energy rations in the United States as NEADA warns of 17% increase in heating bills during the winter. This is cutting it short. The increase may be 17% but add inflation and taxes to it. Add the coming so-called “solutions” to it that will no doubt lead to worse prices.
While the energy crisis is absolutely obliterating Europe and the UK, the United States is not far behind. On top of the energy crisis, we have a supply chain collapse worldwide at the same time as massive inflation, recession and a bonds bubble. The housing market is collapsing and the currency system worldwide is shifting into BRICS quickly as the Euro crashes. This new world reserve currency will be digital and this will lead us hook, line and sinker into the Great Reset, carbon credits an social credit.
NOW is the time to get prepared. NOT later!

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