Current System Close To Collapse: Banking Crisis One Month Away?

Investors should take the opportunity of low prices on gold & silver and get some insurance in the form of…

Alasdair Macleod on Palisades Gold Radio

Tom welcomes back Alasdair Macleod to the show. Alasdair is the Head of Research for GoldMoney and an advocate for sound money.

Alasdair prefers to focus on the big picture for gold and the economy. We are nearing a bank credit contraction, which will be severe. GDP is the measure of total bank credit in an economy. He believes a banking crisis is coming quite soon, perhaps only a month or two away.

Alasdair notes, “There is only a snowball in hell’s chance that politicians will stop printing money.” Fixing things would require a fundamental shift in the way government participates in the economy. There are massive risks to bankers if corporations with loans can’t repay.

Aladair outlines his recent article on geopolitics and economic split that is developing. Russia and China both have significant gold reserves. It’s apparent we are making bad policy choices around Russia. Russia is making their energy policies clear to everyone, including those in the Middle East. It’s clear the West is trying to move away from oil, which is creating opportunities for other countries.

The Russian economy works fairly well and has reasonable income tax levels. They still have a few problems around protection of property ownership. The actions of Russia and BRICS nations is designed to reduce and eventually remove the dollar’s hegemonic status.

Lastly, he cautions that investors should take the opportunity of low prices on gold and silver. Get some insurance in the form of precious metals, you might need it.


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