Couple in $32m luxury goods scam arrested in Johor Bahru, brought back to Singapore

Items customers had paid for but did not get include Rolex and Patek Philippe watches and Hermes bags.

ST reported last month that Siriwipa had allegedly conducted a similar ruse in Thailand and was investigated by the Thai authorities in 2019.

Timeline of events

Dec 2019: Pi meets Siriwipa on Tinder. Within a week, she pays off his gambling debt.

Aug 2020: They move into a condominium in Bukit Timah with Pi’s mother.

Sept 2020: They get married.

April 2021: They start Tradenation and Tradeluxury to trade in luxury goods.

Oct 2021: They move into a landed property near Holland Grove.

April 2, 2022: Tradenation is registered with the Ministry of Law (MinLaw) as a precious stones and precious metals dealer. MinLaw had said that at the point of Tradenation’s registration, there were no grounds to refuse it.

June 1: Customers notice delays in receiving their goods and confront the couple.

June 11: To address this, Pi and Siriwipa set up a Telegram chat group for customers.

June 27: Pi is arrested and his wife is called up for police investigations. More than 180 reports have been made claiming luxury items worth more than $32 million were undelivered.

June 28: Pi is released on bail.

June 30: Siriwipa’s passport is impounded.

July 4: The couple flee Singapore into Malaysia in a Malaysian-registered lorry.

July 15: Malaysian national Mohamed Alias, 40, is charged in court with helping Siriwipa escape. He is said to have driven the vehicle carrying the fugitive couple at Tuas Checkpoint’s departure cargo section on July 4.

July 19: The Singapore police say warrants of arrest and Interpol red notices have been issued against the couple.

July 22: Mohamed Alias is charged with helping Pi flee.

July 29: A second Malaysian man, 38, is arrested in Malaysia. He had allegedly worked in conspiracy with Mohamed Alias to help the couple flee Singapore.

Aug 11: The couple are caught by the Royal Malaysia Police in a hotel in Johor Bahru and are brought back to Singapore the same day.

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