BullionStar Perspectives – Willem Middelkoop – Imminent Arrival of The Big Reset

Filmed in March 2022

In this compelling episode of BullionStar Perspectives, Willem Middelkoop interprets the rapidly evolving geo-political and financial landscape, explaining why the current set of crises now point to an accelerated Global Monetary Reset.

Willem is author of numerous books including the famous “The Big Reset’, and is founder and principal manager of the Commodity Discovery Fund as well as being a member of the Advisory Board of economic think tank OMFIF.

With global monetary events now happening at breakneck speed, this interview covers everything from the central bank of Russia’s gold reserves to Ukraine as a reset trigger, and also contains some hidden gems on Willem’s extensive bibliography and views on who really runs the world.

00:00 Introduction
00:54 Commodity prices and commodity availability
02:55 A world of double-digit inflation – Super-Inflation
04:16 Geo-financial war – Accelerating the Russia-China alliance
06:39 Freeze on currency reserves puts focus on Russian gold
08:50 Global Reserve Currency scenarios – China, SDR, Gold
11:19 The demise of the US Dollar as the global reserve currency
13:32 The Big (Monetary) Reset vs the WEF Great Reset
15:32 Is a Monetary Reset an Event or a Process?
18:21 The ‘Economic Power’ – An Inner circle of the Elite
21:08 Gold Repatriation, CBDCs, and Ukraine as a Reset trigger
23:45 Central bank gold repatriation, the Bundesbank and DNB
26:12 Sovereign Gold Reserves – Verification and Re-Distribution
28:16 Commodity Discovery Fund (CDF) – Rationale and Focus
31:57 The Collected Works of Willem as an Author
35:53 Wrap Up

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