BullionStar Perspectives – Sean Fieler – Monetary Reform – From Wall Street to Washington

Filmed in June 2022

In this episode of BullionStar Perspectives, Sean Fieler of Equinox Partners joins BullionStar’s Ronan Manly to discuss the US financial and political system and the challenges and obstacles to true monetary reform presented by the current system.

Sean Fieler is owner and Chief Investment Officer of Equinox Partners, a Stamford, Connecticut based hedge fund which has a significant focus on precious metals and gold and silver miners.

Sean is well-known for his philanthropy and political engagement with Washington DC, and is an expert on the nexus between Wall Street and the US political system at the highest levels.

In this not to be missed interview, Sean discusses everything from the Audit the Fed bill to the monopoly of the Fed’s dollar, as well as the US gold reserves, gold price discovery, state level initiatives on sound money, and the precious metals investments of the Equinox funds.

0:00 Introduction
0:37 Unprecedented times for the US led Monetary System
1:59 Is there political appetite in DC for Sound Money & Reform?
3:05 Navigating Wall Street while being a sound money advocate
4:56 Audit the Federal Reserve bill – Likelihood of it passing
7:07 Resistance to scrutiny as shown by Fed board appointees
8:24 Audit The US Gold Reserves bill – Likelihood of it going through
10:15 Does the US Treasury have as much gold as it claims to have?
11:50 Central banks – Gold price suppression vs gold re-monetization
13:29 Gold Remonetization – Does the US have a Contingency Plan?
14:52 US state level initiatives in support of precious metals as money
18:06 US Gov anti-competitive strategies against gold and silver
19:28 REINS Act – (Regulations from the Executive in Need of Scrutiny)
21:15 Gold Price Discovery & the dominance of the paper gold market
23:56 Brodsky & Quaintance – Central bank redistribution of gold
29:59 Gold and Silver allocations in the Equinox investment funds
29:39 Hedge funds & miners – Awareness about the big issues in gold
32:59 Philanthropy and a sound money perspective
34:42 Wrap-Up

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