BullionStar Perspectives – Chris Marcus – Beyond The Silver Squeeze

Filmed in June 2022

In this captivating episode of BullionStar Perspectives, silver market expert Chris Marcus joins Ronan Manly for a deep dive into the key questions which every silver investor should be asking.

As well as a former career as an options trader on Wall Street, Chris is founder and host of financial channel Arcadia Economics, which is at the forefront of revealing the truth about Wall Street and holding power to account, particularly in the silver market.

Covering everything from the COMEX to the CFTC, and from paper silver manipulation to the strength of physical silver demand right now, this interview is not to be missed.

00:00 Introduction
00:52 Recent Developments in the Silver Market
06:38 “The Silver Squeeze” – A one off event or a continuing process?
09:34 CFTC’s Behnam – “Tamp down” – Evidence for prosecution
12:27 Yellen’s meeting with the SEC, CFTC, FED – Feb 2021
16:01 Is there a Big Short in Silver on the COMEX?
19:52 The Strategic Importance of Silver
22:44 Is the CFTC aware of your name?
27:04 The work of the Silver Institute
30:40 Premiums on Physical Silver
33:28 The Inflation-Adjusted Price of Silver 
36:22 Is there a US Strategic Stockpile of Silver?
38:11 Likelihood of a future Bi-metallic Monetary System
43:47 What would you do if you were CFTC chairman?
46:54 Wrap Up and “Silver Chopper” Ben

Arcadia Economics YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/user/ArcadiaEconomics/videos

Arcadia Economics website https://arcadiaeconomics.com

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