BullionStar Perspectives – Brent Johnson – US dollar Strength – Trigger for Global Financial Crisis

Filmed on 27 September 2022

In this episode of BullionStar Perspectives, Brent Johnson, CEO of Santiago Capital, joins Ronan Manly to discuss the current extremes in today’s fiat currency markets, and why the US dollar is so strong.

Brent has decades of Wall St experience in wealth management for private clients and High Net Worth families, which, with his incisive macro perspective, he now brings to the management of multi-million dollar portfolios on behalf of clients of Santiago Capital.

Well known for the ‘Dollar Milkshake Theory’, Brent covers this and much much more in this very timely interview which you will not want to miss. See below for the breadth of the discussion.

00:00 Introduction
00:51 Dominance of the US dollar over other major fiats
02:03 Outlook for the US Dollar Index (DXY)
04:14 The “Dollar Milkshake Theory” framework
10:28 Global liquidity supply creates US dollar demand
15:17 The potential for sovereign debt and currency crises
21:12 A new Plaza Accord to depreciate the US dollar?
24:42 Likelihood of trading bloc breaking away from USD
28:43 Gold vs USD in reflecting geopolitical and inflation risk
35:36 Potential for LBMA/COMEX to lose gold pricing dominance
37:00 Santiago Capital’s investment philosophy
43:37 Short term outlook for the remainder of 2022
44:42 Wrap-up

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