Blackouts This Summer: 1,000,000,000 People At Risk

Power grids are already being stretched thin by fuel shortages, droughts and heatwaves, commodity disruptions, soaring prices due to the war, and…

 by Mac Slavo of SHTFplan

The ruling classes of the globe are continuing to warn that the power grids all across the globe will be stretched thin this coming summer. There will not be electricity worldwide to meet the soaring demand for more energy, which is threatening more than one billion people with rolling blackouts.

Power grids are already being stretched thin by fuel shortages, droughts and heatwaves, commodity disruptions, soaring prices due to the war, and the failed green energy transition where grid operators retired too many fossil fuel generation plants. Combine this all together, and a perfect storm of blackouts threatens much of the Northern Hemisphere, according to a report by ZeroHedge.

This power crisis, which is going to be affecting much of the world’s top economies, could be less than a month away when summer begins on June 21. Regions that concerned Bloomberg are Asia, Europe, and the US, where there’s not enough power to go around when cooling demand is set to surge as households crank up their air conditions to escape the sweltering heat.

Asia’s heatwave has caused hours-long daily blackouts, putting more than 1 billion people at risk across Pakistan, Myanmar, Sri Lanka and India, with little relief in sight. Six Texas power plants failed earlier this month as the summer heat just began to arrive, offering a preview of what’s to come. At least a dozen US states from California to the Great Lakes are at risk of electricity outages this summer. Power supplies will be tight in China and Japan. South Africa is poised for a record year of power cuts. And Europe is in a precarious position that’s held up by Russia — if Moscow cuts off natural gas to the region, that could trigger rolling outages in some countries. –Bloomberg

Power Grids “Straining” As Massive Heatwave Strikes The West

The warnings of blackouts continue as people begin to get ready for their summer in the Northern Hemisphere. Henning Gloystein, an analyst at Eurasia Group, warns if major blackouts spread across the world this summer, “that could trigger some form of humanitarian crisis in terms of food and energy shortages on a scale not seen in decades.”

Since we have already been experiencing food shortages, it is hard to say what we could experience next.

Alex Whitworth, an analyst with Wood Mackenzie Ltd, points out that as grids transition to green energy, the lack of battery storage when the sun doesn’t shine or the wind doesn’t blow will create instabilities and more stress on grids at a time fossil fuel plants are being retired at a rapid clip. “You’ll be facing a supply scare every time there’s clouds or storms or a wind drought for a week,” Whitworth said. “We really expect these problems to get worse in the next five years.”


If grids become stressed and break down this summer, it would be an ominous sign for things to come this winter.


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