Big Spike In Chinese Gold Demand Helping Gold Bottom? Miners Need Higher Prices Soon

There will not be much deflation in commodities…

John Hathaway interviewed by Jason Burack of Wall St For Main St 

John Hathaway is a Chartered Financial Analyst and he ran the top gold stock fund, the Tocqueville Gold Fund, for many years and has over 50 years of experience working on Wall St and managing people’s money as a portfolio manager.

He is currently a managing Director at Sprott Inc and a Senior Portfolio Manager at Sprott Asset Management USA.

During this 40+ minute article Jason asks John Hathaway about the Fed is out of good options and why there will not be much deflation in commodities and costs for miners. John cites much higher labor costs in addition to energy and electricity costs.

According to John, it is over 30% cheaper for a larger gold miner to buy a producing gold mine than to build a new gold mine from scratch.

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