As The Fed Hikes Rates, The Gold Flows East

Evidenced by the drain in New York and London inventories, Far East buyers have been eagerly taking advantage of…

Dave Kranzler with Chris Marcus of Arcadia Economics

Dave Kranzler: As Fed hikes rates, the gold flows east

While the Federal Reserve is hiking interest rates and hedge funds are selling paper gold and silver, physical metal continues to flow to the east.

We’ve seen this evidenced by the drain in the COMEX and London inventories, and in today’s call Dave Kranzler of Investment Research Dynamics talks about how far east buyers have been eagerly taking advantage of the lower prices.

Dave also comments on the recent comments by Janet Yellen regarding a loss of liquidity in the US treasury market, and the Treasury’s potential plan to buy treasuries……with more treasuries. Which doesn’t seem like the most stable arrangement for the world’s supposedly safe-haven asset, yet nonetheless is one of the latest proposals being discussed.

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