Another Big Move For Gold, Silver And Commodities

Looking at the daily chart of gold, we can see that gold is popping, and we actually have a…

by Chris Vermeulen of The Technical Traders

Chris sits down with Kevin Wadsworth and Patrick Karim from Northstarbadcharts to discuss the next big move for Gold, Silver, Commodities, and more. Looking at the daily chart of gold, we can see that gold is popping, and we actually have a sell signal. Gold is likely to continue struggling until the stock market puts a bottom. Typically gold will pull back in a bear market, though it is usually one of the first to recover.

Commodities are the cheapest they have ever been in comparison to the S&P 500. The last time we approached this level was backing early 2000. It was at this point that gold put in a bottom and started a massive run. Will this relationship repeat itself? Could this be the beginning of a super-cycle for commodities?

Overall, we are just starting what could be a multi-month complacency rally in the stock market. Gold and silver should hold their ground which is ideally what we want. For all we know, this market is going to roll over thus, we are actively managing positions. The stock market is in stage 3, which means it is very difficult to trade. The opportunity is in stage 2 or stage 4 decline when there is a trend.

Chris also delves into the changes that must be made when living, trading, and investing through a bear market. The old Buy-&-Hold strategy is no longer the safe haven it once was. Instead, stops need to be tightened up, profits taken early, and capital must be protected. The average bear market can delay retirement for 3-7 years or can greatly affect those who are already retired. It’s time to look at strategies that will help consistently grow your portfolio.

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